About us

Hello beautiful, 

We are a small business from the deep woods of Sweden. This is where we take a lot of our inspiration to make you the products we sell on our page!
Its time to save this planet from pollution and we love to make sustainable, well made, organic products!

The fashion is designed by Emelie Viola Vilder and made by her amazing team in our small atelier in the jungles of Goa, India. 

The jewelry is made by the Swedish designer Anneli Josefsson.

All the rest of the items are made by Emelie Viola Vilder, in her forest studio in Sweden. She uses either recycled or locally produced, organic materials and ingredients in everything she makes! She is a full time witch and love to work with healing and art!

Thank you so much to support our small business! We make a happy dance with each of our sales and are so grateful that you choose to come visit our shop today!