White sage bundle - Chakra smudge
White sage bundle - Chakra smudge
White sage bundle - Chakra smudge

White sage bundle - Chakra smudge

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White sage with rose petals.

Rose petals are used for meditation, divination, increasing mental abilities and communication, and contacting forces and beings in other dimensions. Traditionally, the rose has been associated with attracting love, creating calm, stimulating sexual desires and enhancing beauty.

Sage is an herb whose Latin name means to heal or save and has a long ceremonial tradition behind it. What we call "spiritual hygiene" is a large area and touches many equal levels, both physical and non-physical.

How to use sage: When you light your sage, the smoke has a rather intense but refreshing scent. Used to clean e.g. your crystals or a room and remove stagnant/negative energy. Perfect to use before meditation. You light one end of the bundle & let it burn for a while. Next, blow out the flame, but leave it glowing. Then bring the smoke over what you want to cleanse. You can then extinguish your sage bundle on a heat-resistant dish or by lowering the embers in e.g. a glass of water.
Please keep a window open when using incense so that the smoke can escape.

Size: 10x3 cm

Quantity: 1 bundle

Space Clearing When you clean your house, you can also clean it of heavy, stuck, bad vibes in your home. Light your stick, hold it in your hand and walk around the area you want to remove the bad energy from. Be sure to have a fireproof bowl to catch any embers that fall.

Energy cleansing on a person To clear the energy surrounding yourself or another person, perhaps before a ceremony or meditation. Light a stick, and pass it around the front and back of your body from toe to head (some use a hand-held fan, or traditionally a bird's wing, to distribute the smoke evenly). Let the smoke cleanse your aura field.


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