PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks
PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks
PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks
PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks
PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks
PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks

PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks

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PALO SANTO - Smudge sticks
Sacred wood - Purify Insense Aromatic Resin Meditation Ritual Ceremony Aura Clearing Cleansing 

5 pieces 30g

This is the wood of the balsam tree (called the "Holy wood"). I find it the absolute by far best scent in the whole world.
It is rich in aromatic resin and can be used as incense or to clear and cleanse your home and aura. Its characteristic scent creates a sacred atmosphere, makes the mind clear and can support depth meditation and contemplation.

Palo santo or Holy wood stick has been used for many centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes. Palo Santo is a wild tree native from Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela. The tree belongs to the same family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh.
Palo Santo has a very compelling, deep, and rich scent whether it is burning or simply sitting.
It cleanses and Purifies one's space and self while releasing its aromatic essential oils.

I use this for meditation, shamanic work, ritual, and ceremony.

Space Clearing
Every time I clean my house I also make sure to clean it energetically with Palo Santo.
To clear stuck, heavy or bad vibes in your home, light up a stick, hold it with your hand and walk around the area you want to remove the bad energy from.

Energy Clearing on a Person
To purify the energy surrounding yourself or another person, perhaps before a ceremony or self dedicated practice you are about to do: light up a stick, passing it around the front and back of your body from toe to head (some use a handheld fan, or traditionally a birds wing, to distribute the smoke evenly). Allow the smoke to cleanse your auric field.


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